Sizing details

Jars are:

16 oz clear plastic jar with metal lid (different colors available)

Totes are: (slight variation may occur)
6 inch strap drop
6 inches deep
6 1/2-7 inch opening
10 inches wide

Stockings are: (slight variation may occur)
Width Top: 7.5 inches
Width Bottom: 10 inches
Width: 18.5 inches
Hang: It is a 7 inch piece folded in half so roughly 3 inches or so

Bows are: (5.5 inches x4.25 inches) for scale

Mommy Bag: (slight variation may occur)
Bottom Width: 16 inches
Top to Bottom: 22 inches
Bag Strap Drop: 12 inches
Top Width: 12.5 inches
Depth: 10 inches
Width: 2 inches

Toddler Bag:
Bottom Width: 12 inches
Top to Bottom: 14.5 inches
Bag Strap Drop: 9.5 inches
Top Width: 11 in